Ok, I can’t even mince words, and lately I have read nothing but YA debuts that have blown my mind – this “novel” is probably the worst thing I have read in a while. I am at the halfway mark and I was trying so hard to push through and not dnf it, since I don’t like making reviews on books I didn’t finish, but I just can’t force myself to soldier through this one.

The writing is horrible! There is no imagery, the vocabulary choices are flat, the author spends far too much time telling me and not showing me. The characters are completely one dimensional and BORING. Yes, there I said it, I am bored by these captured girls, I am bored by Summer/Lily and our lead psychopath Clover (yea try not to laugh at how pathetic that name choice is) isn’t even good at being psychotic. In short I have no buy in, there is no hook. There is no payoff, because I don’t honestly care about any of these players, and I am a psychotherapist in real life so this is saying something.

With this particular storyline I also got really tired of the pacing and switching between narrators and time periods. Some authors do this seamlessly and it only adds to the reading experience. Here, it felt like the author herself was losing interest in story building so decided to go off on some tangent.

I understand that this was one of those books that stemmed from a wattpad – but it totally is making me feel like “don’t quit your day job”.