It has been a hectic week since I last posted. It seems that the days have picked up speed and gotten away from me.

My husband and I spent a wonderful overnight in my favorite city, Philadelphia, and we are due back this weekend to celebrate our first married anniversary.

This last trip, we attended a Murder Mystery Play in Laurel Hill Cemetery hosted by the Friends of Laurel Hill. It was a fun experience following the actors through the tea-light filled gravestones. It brought the story to life in a new way and made the taphophille in me quiet happy. It also showcased some of the beautiful statuary and though evening time, how peaceful and beautiful Laurel Hill is.

I have always said that the best place to find art, history, and interesting names is within historic memorial parks. This time was no different and I found three relatively unusual names to tuck away for the future.

After relaying the experience to my mother and sharing some of the photos I was able to take of the momuments, she is eager to go and explore.

Laurel Hill  for those that don’t know is located just past Boathouse Row in Philadelphia on Ridge Avenue. Laurel Hill Cemetery “was founded to provide a picturesque location well outside the city; that had no religious affiliation; and could provide a permanent burial space for the dead in a restful and tranquil setting”.

Friends of Laurel Hill was founded in 1978 “to assist the Laurel Hill Cemetery Company in preserving and promoting the historical character of Laurel Hill. In addition to developing and implementing educational programs at the Cemetery, the Friends sponsor special events, including Laurel Hill’s famous Halloween festivities, and offer both public and private tours of the site, often in collaboration with local schools, nonprofit groups, and historical organizations.”

To learn more, view upcoming events and to view additional photos, please check out their website: Laurel Hill Cemetery.