I am finally finding myself in a quiet space this morning. It finally feels like Autumn (my favorite season), it is the first day of October and I have a huge cup of coffee beside me.
My dog-daughter Madeline is softly snoring on the couch, and I have nowhere to be until much later tonight. It is delightful.

Last night, I rang in my birthday with my wonderful husband by my side and instead of having the knee-jerk reaction of “oh God, I am thirty”, I had a completely different reaction, “wow, I have a brand new decade ahead to accomplish so many more of my goals and dreams”. When I woke up this morning, I decided it was time to re-start a personal blog. I have been having the itch for a while and what better time then to start then right at the beginning of a fresh chapter of life.

I have always found writing tremendously cathartic and I have built and maintained several “specialty blog” over the past few years, but my last personal blog ended when I turned 23 and opendiary shut its proverbial doors. I am hoping that this space becomes just as familiar and cherished. I miss daily posting, even if it was only an image or a few lines. I am so thankful I have printouts of certain entries from college years, as it helps me relive the smaller, quieter moments.

My mother has always made me take a photo each year to document my birthday. Last night was no different. As I snapped a quick selfie in the car on the way to dinner, I was actually happy with the result. Granted, I have a goal this year of working on my health and taking more serious efforts to combat daily stress (these past three years I have found my health ranking last on my priority list and it has caught up with me) but the woman smiling back at me from my phone screen was just that – a woman, fully grown, somewhat comfortable in her own skin and ready to embrace what is ahead. I felt proud of myself, and I am sure as this blog fleshes out it will become more apparent why. I made it through that decade of horrible growing pains, of life lessons and set backs and restarts and I did so with minimal scaring. I made it through.

The forecast is predicting rain for the next several days and I for one am thrilled. There is nothing like that foggy, drizzly, misty atmosphere coupled with cooler temperatures and fall colors to make someone truly appreciate living in a place with seasons.

I started a book club a few weeks ago and our first meeting is on the 17th, so with the rest of my quiet time today, I think I am going to make a dent in our selected novel, “The Dime Museum Murders” by Daniel Stashower.